Milie et Hector

As part of my job at SoSound Ltd, I recently composed the music and created sound design for a short animation called “Milie et Hector”. Created by voiceover artist and entrepreneur Corinne Kempa, the animation ties in with the launch of her new children’s clothing website:

Pounding Hooves

I wrote the music for a really beautiful documentary about bison created by wildlife filmmaker Adrián Vilas which will be released soon! You can check out the trailer here:

In Search of Home

I wrote the music for Elise Townsend’s beautiful 2D Animation In Search of Home and it has been selected for screening at The World Animation Celebration 2015 in California! Elise’s film tells the story of the journey a dog takes in search of an owner, with the message that love can be found in unexpected places. You can check out more of her work at

The Heist

I recently had the opportunity to write the soundtrack for Bec Green’s brilliant animation The Heist. This short stop-motion 3D puppet animation follows the exploits of an art thief as he flees the scene of his latest crime along with a closely guarded painting. It will be screened at Primanima Animation Festival in Budapest on 21st-23rd October or you can watch it here:

The score features the talented saxophonist Jonny Hamer. You can check out more of Bec’s work here:

Dartmoor Ponies: The Final Round Up

I recently composed the music for wildlife filmmaker Kathy Stringer’s documentary Dartmoor Ponies: The Final Round Up.

This short film explores the reasons for the slaughter of hundreds of healthy foals each year on Dartmoor and the efforts of people to control the situation in order to save their family’s heritage.

Dartmoor Ponies: The Final Round Up will be screened at the EQUUS Film Festival in New York city in November.EQUUS is the first festival oriented around equestrian themed content from all over the world. The festival empowers storytellers to show the rich history and diverse tapestry of horses in human culture through equestrian content.