As a film composer, I have written the soundtracks for a wide range of films including wildlife documentaries, animations and dramas.

Pounding Hooves

Pounding Hooves is a beautiful documentary about rewilding bison created by wildlife filmmaker Adrián Vilas.


In Search of Home

In Search of Home is a beautiful 2D animation created by Elise Townsend. It tells the story of the journey a dog takes in search of an owner, with the message that love can be found in unexpected places. You can check out more of Elise’s work at




Milie et Hector

Milie et Hector is a short French animation created by Corinne Kempa to help promote her new children’s clothing website:


Felix the Cat

Sarah Ayling Bate’s approach to sound design for the animation ‘Felix the Cat – Cat in the Swim (1922)’.


The Tradition

A short drama film directed by Abdullah Al Maawali.
Lizard Attack

A re-scoring of a scene from Simon Bell’s BBC Documentary Hidden Kingdoms.

Centenary Film

A film celebrating the centenary anniversary of the University of Bristol, featuring guest speaker David Attenborough.

Song of the Sea

I re-scored the trailer for this Irish animation.

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